Final Reminder About MEME Token Trade-in

Less than a week until I stop offering to trade steem MEME for hive MEME at an exchange ratio of 10 steem MEME for every 1 hive MEME. After that no more hive MEME token will be offered for steem MEME. Any claim for a trade-in made after May 31, 2020 (based on the timestamp) is invalid.

If you still have steem MEME that can't be unstaked before May 31, 2020 I will still count that as long as a trade-in request is made during May 2020.

The original post about the MEME trade-in offer during May 2020

Along with the previous two posts about MEME trade-in you can reply to this post requesting to trade steem MEME but this post's payout will occur around a day after the trade-in offer ends (keep that in mind). It is recommended not to wait until the last minute.