It's Like Ferengi are Selling NFTs on

I like NFTs. I don't have a problem with burning on the blockchain to increase artificial scarcity. Last month on I bought a bunch of editions of that site's first minted NFT "VYBin'" and immediately burned them. I also hold a strong opinion in favor of "code is law". Even with those beliefs much like Captain Kirk sometimes you just gotta ignore the Prime Directive temporarily. I can love NFTs but hate the Kaiju Kongz project and I hope nothing like that "real time burn mechanism" that project uses ever happens to Hive NFTs.

I agree with the opinion expressed in the video below that what that project is doing on is market manipulation. The way it's done seems unethical to me. It seems like the NFT project should be removed for violating's ToS. At the time of this writing the NFTs are still available.

Even if Kaiju Kongz continues to remain on I am sure that doesn't set a precedent for the site. Another project that comes along and burns the NFTs users bought because the resell was "too low" would most likely I believe be banned. I wouldn't be surprised if like the Facebook and YouTube sites picks and choses when to apply their ToS.

Because, you know, is also like Captain Kirk and his relationship with the Prime Directive.


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