Fan Theories Looking For a Post

Below is a list of fan theories that don't have posts yet in the Fan Theories community. If you want to try to make a case for or debunk one of the theories below please feel free to write a post and include it in this community. The fan theories in this community can be for any media (film, TV, music, video games, ect.)

Also feel free to suggest fan theories that can be added to this list.

  • Rick Sanchez and Miss Frizzle were once married.

  • The Flintstones takes place in an post-apocalyptic future.

  • Disney's Aladdin takes place in an post-apocalyptic future.

  • Harry Potter is immortal.

  • The Rugrats babies exist in Angelica Pickles' imagination.

  • Sandy died at the beginning of Grease.

  • The Simpsons' "Dead Bart" lost episode.

  • Lieutenant Columbo's wife doesn't really exist.

  • Doctor Who season 6B theory.

  • Pokemon occurs after a massive war.

  • In the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes canon Professor Moriarty existed in Holmes' imagination.