Fan Fiction Community

I created this community a while ago but I hadn't posted anything until now because I wanted to think about how to handle the possible legal issues with intellectual property. There are two rules for the community as it now starts and more will probably be added later.

  • No real person fiction. The except is if the real person has been dead long enough so that the rights of publicity and privacy have lapsed. How long that is varies by jurisdiction.
  • The community's whitelist for allowed media to base fan fiction on is whatever is found in the "Browse" option of Based on policies it is assumed that if similar fan fiction exists on the site then it is at least tacit permission from rights' holders that fan fiction of their work is allowed.

It is recommended but not required that fan fiction posted in this community use the decline payment option or burn any profits received due to the legal status of fan fiction in most jurisdictions. Posts discussing fan fiction probably fall under the "fair use" doctrine and might be allowed to profit but that is not legal advice.

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