If you could live in an alternate world (from favorite show,book,video game, etc..) which would it be? And why?

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I would definitely want to live in the Star Trek universe as a citizen of the Federation.

First, even though the exact details are sketchy about how the economy works for Federation citizens it is clear that poverty is virtually gone. What "money" that does exist within the Star Trek universe seems to be used to trade with aliens that still trade goods for wealth.

Entertainment would be fantastic. I could literally watch anything I wanted without experiencing a language barrier. The universal translator would do away with the distraction of subtitles. Also, holonovels would allow me to play a participating role within the stories.

Replicators would make everyday Christmas. If I need something new; atoms that can be found virtually anywhere in abundance can be assembled on demand into what I need. When something is old and needs to be recycled the same replicator machine can disassemble the atoms for later use. Food and drinks would always be fresh.

Medicine would be much better. In the Star Trek universe the human genome has been sequenced for over two centuries which means a lot of the current problems with genetic engineering have been worked out. Cybernetic implants are mainstream in the Star Trek universe and when seconds count in an emergency the victim can be transported to a medical clinic without the delay time of an ambulance.