At the Human level, Can KNOWLEDGE (Perception of truths) be Finite?

Yes, at the human level knowledge (the perception of truths) is finite.

On the smallest scale through experimentation humans know that photons of energy can be a particle or a wave depending on how the photon is observed which introduces the uncertainty principle preventing knowledge of both a photon's momentum and position simultaneously. 

The human eye only perceives a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which limited human understanding of the observable universe. Once radio, infrared and x-rays were used for observation a lot more information about the universe was available to humans. Only recently has gravitational waves been added to the astronomy toolbox for humans to observe even more.

The speed of light also limits human perception of truths about the universe. There is a small chance that Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation has already gone supernova but because of the speed of light humans won't be able to know it until hundreds of years later.

The reason humans can observe the evidence of the birth of the universe is because humans exist early in the universe's history. As the universe continues to expand and galaxies recede away from each other the evidence for the the universe's beginning, such as the cosmic background radiation, will be lost to any intelligence similar to humans trillions of years from now.