What app can you not believe someone hasn’t made yet?

The app I can't believe nobody has made yet is an outdoor recreational smartphone app targeted toward history buffs.

Locations with varying amounts of historical significance are all over the world. Some people are already engaged in geocaching as a hobby and augmented reality games such as Pokémon GO are popular. Why not have an app that can use location to determine if you are in an area with a historical significance and plays an augmented reality view only when you are in the location?

School children will sometimes go to a historical site such as a famous battlefield. Such a mobile app would help "bring history alive" and since the augmented reality of a battle scene for that battle will only work on the app when the phone is located within range of the battlefield it is similar to a geocache treasure. Such an app would also be fun to use when visiting a new city. Maybe the app would have a menu selection for users who want to be morbid and visit famous crime sites involving murder. Maybe a user wants to stand in the Las Vegas desert and watch an augment reality scene of a mushroom cloud from a 1962 atomic bomb test. Who am I to judge what historical events users of the app are interested in?