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So what is the term for the culture that will be created out of the 4th industrial revolution? I think the 21st century is all about AI and robots so maybe it should be called Robopunk? Gonna be posting more about this - music, fashion and art but would be interested in any ideas on what will be the new culture of this century!

Around the year 2016 there was some buzz in the blockchain community about creating a subgenre of cyberpunk called "etherpunk". Literary and dramatic cyberpunk utilizing smart contracts, programmable money, Internet-of-Everything blockchain technology. Somehow, definitely not due to any group I belong to, all that buzz died down.

That fad about creating etherpunk was happening in 2016. The website was registered in 2003 and keeps getting renewed each year. The website homepage makes it a point to display that the domain was registered in 2003. The website's creation date can be independently verified by its WHOIS record.

We Timepunks of the 5th Industrial Revolution are supposed to have certain ethics and style this Time Troll doesn't follow or respect.

When I came back in time I first registered and started using it along with a matching internet moniker to build legitimacy in the time period I exiled myself to. That way when I registered (knowing it would be worth a fortune by the end of the 2020a when holographic smartphone became mainstream) it would look like I was just protecting a gimmick or brand. When I negotiate the sale of I want it to be perceived like I am some intellectual property idiot who can only experience time linearly. Only the highest price will separate me from my precious domain that I proclaim I love so much.

Slapping the creation date on a domain and making it obvious you're just some lazy chrononaut is stupid. Almost as stupid as publicly exposing the whole time travelers registering domains scam. But almost nobody would ever believe that was a real scam. At least not for another few decades.