PIONEER ONE: Episode 1

Episode 1 “Earthfall” (Pilot)

An old Soviet space capsule re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, spreading radiation over North America. Homeland Security Director Tom Taylor (James Rich), along with his “B team” of misfit agents, are the first ones on the scene to investigate and contain the damage from the apparent terrorist attack.

But appearances are deceiving. When a boy of mysterious origin is recovered from inside the capsule, Taylor realizes he’s out of his depth. Against orders from his superiors he recruits the prickly astrophysicist Dr. Zachary Walzer (Jack Haley) to help his team get some answers.

Walzer demands to know if they’re dealing with something extra-terrestrial. But Taylor assures’s a little weirder than that.

PIONEER ONE is an independent sci-fi drama series written by Josh Bernhard and directed by Bracey Smith. After raising $6000 to shoot their pilot on Kickstarter in March, 2010, the first episode debuted online on June 16, 2010 and was downloaded 2,000,000 times in two weeks. The pilot went on to win Best Drama Pilot at the 2010 New York Television Festival. Over the next several months, fans donated $100,000 to fund the rest of the 6-episode season which was nominated Best Drama and Best Writing at the 2012 Webby Awards.

Originally distributed on, the episodes had over 4.1 million completed downloads as of April, 2012:

Watch New York Television Festival founder Terence Grey and co-director Michael Getto discuss the PIONEER ONE pilot:

2010 New York Television Festival: Best Drama Pilot (


2012 IAWTV Awards: Best Drama (


2012 Webby Awards: Best Drama

2012 Webby Awards: Best Writing


0:33 – A pivot point in history.

1:42 – Earthfall.

2:57 – Rude awakening.

3:23 – Walk and talk.

4:22 – Crisis management.

5:54 – Crash site.

6:12 – CFB Calgary.

7:15 – A terrorist?

9:46 – Spacesuit.

10:13 – That's no airliner.

11:03 – The Secretary.

12:20 – The best and the brightest.

14:04 – Cancer.

15:17 – Cold warrior.

21:20 – Gumming up the works.

22:09 – Dr. Zachary Walzer.

22:25 – Strange bedfellows.

25:16 – Martian pioneer.

26:54 – Abso-fucking-lutely.

27:53 – Telemetry.

28:39 – Next time:

29:03 – End credits.

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