DTube's Top Ten Copyright Infringers

Note: If you don't know what DTube is then please read this post by @joshsigurdson (link).

For the purposes of this list I am not including DTube channels that post primarily things such as clips or gameplay footage. On this list are DTube channels that I have found that seem to post whole derivative copies of television episodes and movies without permission of any rights holders and appear to be in violation of current U.S. copyright law.

This list is in no particular order. Some channels haven't posted as many copyright violations as others. Ranking them based on number of infringing posts shouldn't somehow suggest that being the bottom five somehow makes the channels any better than the top five. Even one unlawful reproduction of a copyrighted episode or movie makes a channel bad. If you must post entire episodes or movies then you should only use the ones that have lapsed into the public domain or that can be used under some other license such as Creative Commons.

Right now DTube isn't having the big issues dealing with copyright claims that YouTube has been. Lets please self-police ourselves and keep it that way.

1. Name: tellall

Current account value according to DTube:  $20.49

Let me tellall you about this one. There are TV episodes posted on this DTube channel. @tellall seems to be more active on steemit than DTube but that's mostly resteeming news about some kind of an initial coin offering. Movies like The Ghost in the Shell are posted there along with a bitcoin documentary.

2. Name: blockepisodes

Current account value according to DTube:  $0.84

There is an obsession with Rick and Morty episodes here. This channel screams out "Wubba lubba dub dub!" to DTube.

3. Name: derrick829

Current account value according to DTube:  $171169.53

That's not a misprint about derrick829's estimated account value. Sometimes crime does pay quite well. If you want to watch a pirated movie on DTube then chances are @derrick829 has what you're looking for. The words "FULL MOVIE" are in every movie's post title as assurance. However, sometime during the past two months @derrick829 has begun only posting full movie trailers. Posting full movie trailers is technically copyright infringement and based on how prolific @derrick829 has been it still counts on this list.

4. Name: chainflix

Current account value according to DTube:  $306.49 

The @chainflix account seems to have been abandoned with its last post being ten months ago. Even though @chainflix might have stopped posting its unauthorized use of movies on its channel the infringing lives on. A few movies are from 2017 but strong representation of the 1980s and 1990s is also there. Notice its -14 reputation score.

Photo Source: DTube

5. Name: filmaidykai

Current account value according to DTube:  $4.41

A few titles are in english but many are in german or possibly italian. No activity visible in the last five months.

6. Name: crr2018

Current account value according to DTube:  $1.08

One of the youngest accounts on this list. Both episodes and movies are posted. Not just leaving it at posting episodes and movies the profile picture for @crr2018 is similar to the symbol for registered copyright. Is @crr2018 serious? The profile for @crr2018 lists the location as The Moon so I guess that makes @crr2018 a lunatic. Back to the Future is posted on this DTube channel but I already have the trilogy collectors' DVD box set so let's move on.

7. Name: toonfever

Current account value according to DTube:  $0.17

Have you missed an episode of Archer and/or too cheap to legally watch the series? It seems @toonfever is so sick and tired of the series every episode seems to be posted. For the sake of argument even if Archer is so bad they should pay you to watch it posting episodes of it on DTube is illegal and wrong.

8. Name: freeway

Current account value according to DTube:  $1.00

What is it with movies and episodes with german titles being posted on DTube? Seriously if you have an idea please post a reply to this. Maybe one of the movies from 1955 MIGHT be public domain but I doubt it based on all the derivative copies of works surrounding it. There are a few Hogans Heroes episodes posted so at least @freeway is staying committed to the german motif of the channel.

9. Name: deepakreddy

Current account value according to DTube:  $0.87

Is this where the intellectuals go to watch bootlegged documentaries? It's literally science episodes sandwhiched between episodes of American Dad.

10. Name: ????

Current account value according to DTube:  $????

Writing is hard. Nobody wrote this list for me. I wrote at the beginning of this post that we should self-police DTube and I meant it. If anybody has a nominee for this list please reply with the details. If it is within the window of time I am allowed to edit this post then I will be happy to add it.

Maybe I am padding this list. You can't sue me for that. Even if you could there's a line of steemian DTubers in front of me.


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