Does Anybody Recycle Their 3D Printer Filament Waste?

While researching what I need to know before I get my first 3D printer one thing I've been thinking about is what to do with the plastic waste that will result from my new hobby. I am also curious about what others who have already been 3D printing have done about this issue.


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When I start to 3D print I plan to just use PLA filament. Because of the learning curve I know at first I will probably have several failed prints and combining those with the bits from supports of good prints I expect to easily produce at least a minimum of 1 kilogram PLA waste during my first year of 3D printing.

A 1 Kg filament spool of 1.75 mm PLA is around $20ish from So, every 1 Kg of PLA filament I could recycle saves around $20. However, I can't find a reliably cheap way of recycling 3D printer filament. Just buying a shredder and extruder separately costs hundreds of dollars. Having both systems in one machine is even more expensive.

I could wait for the price of the technology to drop as I save waste filament. However, my understanding is that keeping the PLA waste in a sealed bag after a few years of opening and closing the bag to add more waste the older PLA will effectively be expired due to moisture from the air.

Since this will be a hobby for me I am thinking rather than saving up for a recycling system it might make more sense to just spend the money on filament so I can get better at 3D printing.

I hate for it to seem like I am justifying throwing away plastic waste but as far as I can tell right now that makes more sense for my situation.

Any thoughts?