Didn't that Commercial have Virtual Reality?

I was reading a post by @crazybgadventure titled "So i'm entering the metaverse". The movie Lawnmower Man got @crazybgadventure fascinated with the idea of virtual reality.

I've never seen Lawnmower Man so I thought about when I first got fascinated with the idea of virtual reality. I know exactly when it began with holograms for me but....

I think maybe it was an ad on television for candy. I thought it was a Starburst commercial. I went on YouTube and after some searching found the ad but it turned out to be a commercial for Jolly Rancher.

It's the same commercial but I guess viewing it when I am older makes it seem different. Back when I saw it on TV it was all cyberpunk and awesome lighting. It is still that but now I am focused on how a girl was strapping a guy into a multi-axis trainer and...Was that virtual reality? Or did she drug him and that was all a hallucination in his head?

I just found some new headcanon. The VR helmet was a lie! It did nothing!