Does dCity Discriminate Against Holograms?

It has been more than two years since I last posted about the issue of hologram discrimination. Perhaps it is time to revisit that.

Don't get me wrong. I am not claiming that there is a problem. It's possible that a casual observer might look at what I have noticed and think that there is a problem.

Wait a moment. A gust of wind just blew the hat off my strawman. Let me fix that.

Anyway, a few days ago I started participating in @dcitygame after @forykw gave me my first card. I've built my city up a little and I am currently getting a meager daily income of 24 SIM. There's no flat tax for so that income can fluctuate.

I was thinking of making my city focused on technological advancement. A kind of modern Atlantis. While reading "Tech-tree and Technologies" in the info section I noticed something. There's no holographic representation.

The contrast makes it obvious. In dCity there are Advanced Robotics, AI Technology and and Neural Network cards. The state of the art for dCity is so good that there is a RoboCop card. If AI and neural nets are being used to create robots that decrease crime then why aren't there holograms utilizing that same technology to perform at casinos and night clubs in dCity? Just two days ago the New York Post had an article titled "Are celebrity holograms the future of ‘live’ music?"; currently the answer to that for dCity is "no".

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Many not as socially woke as myself might point out that clones are also not represented in dCity. My strawman here like those others fail to realize that cloning is possible but is voluntarily not pursued in dCity. Genetic manipulation has many legal and ethical issues. That is presumably why the GMO Farming card has a popularity of -3. Holograms don't have those same issues. I know this because I've seen the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Hollow Pursuits". Lieutenant Reginald Barclay made holograms resembling his fellow crewmates. Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge told Commander Riker he didn't believe that there were any regulations against creating holographic versions of people that exist. Earlier that season La Forge had made a hologram of a woman he had never met named Dr. Leah Brahms from the ship's computer database. That seems to qualify La Forge as a credible source concerning the publicity and privacy rights of holography. It's like I always say, "If making a holographic girlfriend is wrong then I don't want to be right."

When I first looked at the dCity technologies I thought they were decades even more advanced than RoboCops. There is a Dyson Sphere card. A Dyson sphere is literally what a civilization needs to be a Type I on the Kardashev scale of technological advancement. Then I saw the Dyson Sphere card only gives a "Solar Panel income +8" which must mean that "Dyson Sphere" is a trademark for a cheap Elon Musk knockoff product in dCity. Sort of like when people talk about "hoverboards" they aren't talking about the Mattel hoverboard from Back to the Future II. They're talking about hoverboards as in, "Let's steal some self-balancing scooters and sell them on eBay because that's the only way to make a living during this global recession."

Is there a solution to the lack of holographic representation in dCity? There is a government section on As a new player I have virtually no SIM power to lobby for holographic representation or any other meaningful game setting. Sort of like being a Republican in San Francisco or a Muslim in Salt Lake City.

Maybe I could become a community organizer and someday run for president? It looks like right now there is a presidentail election and @d-pend is ahead of the other candidates; states, "Players can elect President for 14 days". That seems short but also roughly on par for what the turnover rate was for Soviet Union leadership.

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I can't find a constitution on As an American I know what my constitutional rights are away from dCity. In dCity can i assemble and petition? Do I need to riot in order for hologram rights to become a big enough issue in dCity? Should I start a political uprising like my country has done in every third world country that has existed in the modern era or will ever exist?

Technically I don't see anything on stating that I can't form a secret society to slowly manipulate events from the background over multiple generations. So...