Dalek Twitter Accounts

For those who don't know Daleks are one of the most feared alien species in the Doctor Who universe. They are violent and merciless mutants cased in a metal shell who demand total conformity to their will. Their goals are conquest of the entire Universe and the extermination of all life that isn't Dalek.

In our universe it seems Daleks also love the Earth's social media website known as Twitter. At times they can be quite political. Everything from Liberal Media Dalek to FoxNewsDalek.

Photo Source: Twitter

Look around Twitter and you are bound to find a Dalek account that suits your point of view. Everything from NetfreedomDalek to hipster dalek. Pretty much anything goes. There is even a Dalek Lawyer because of course there would be one. If you are having problems with your cellphone you might try Tech Support Dalek but that account hasn't been active on Twitter since 2011. What happened to Tech Support Dalek? You could try Detective Dalek but that account also became inactive around that time.

As you are cornered and about to be killed by a Dalek toilet plunger just remember one thing: #DalekLivesMatter.