Curled Edges While 3D Printing

I am starting to learn a bit more about what the limits are for my 3D printer. There's a learning curve and since I switched from the build plate that came with my Tronxy XY-2 Pro to PEI that learning curve reset somewhat.

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I was trying to 3D print a plaque for one of my fellow amateur radio friends who now lives in Florida (KK6PHN). He was one of my "Elmers" which is a mentor in the ham radio community.

Image Source: Personal Photo

I've noticed some curling along the edges for large prints. I think the problem is that I need more adhesion and the solution would be to use a brim at minimum for most things I will print in the future. After a few prints of large models I'll be able to confirm whether that will work.

Please feel free to comment opinions below if you have more experience with 3D printing. Please note that the filament I am printing with is PLA and not ABS.

Image Source: Personal Photo

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