I've Converted to VYBism. Praise Be VYB!

I've had some philosophical disagreement with the VYB token project. In the past I've described it as something like a prototype homeowner association on the Hive blockchain. I felt even more confident about that opinion after the VYB admin team hired G4's Frosk as the VYB token spokesperson. Those were my thoughts before but now I've seen the light.

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After replies from @trostparadox and @scholaris.pob to my post yesterday I now know the truth. I have witnessed the risen vybrainium.com. Much like Thomas in John 20:27 I stuck the finger of my cursor icon in the upvote holes on vybrainium.com.

Don't kink shame me!

Also, unlike the 500 witnesses with no names for the other guy who rose from the grave some 2000 years ago the usernames who also filled in the upvote holes of vybrainium.com can be verified through blockchain. Ask them if they have seen the resurrected VYB site.

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Star Trek: TNG, "Tapestry"

So now I have become a VYBian and I have embraced the VYBism faith.

If you are unfamiliar with the one true religion of the Hive blockchain it's sort of like Hubology in the Fallout franchise except the spaceship is the VYB token and VYBians believe we're going to the Moon rather than the stars.

In VYBism the concept of tithing is also different. Rather than contributing a 10th of income for religious purposes VYBians give their POB to a money changer account for VYB tokens. VYBians then pray that after a year at least a 10th of the value of the exchange remains unsacrificed.

As a new VYBian convert I have no problem with that cognitive dissonance. As a U.S. citizen I am used to leadership saying how great things are while asset values evaporate. Sure POB has a higher price, larger market cap, and greater daily volume than VYB. That's only because evil market forces are allowed to exist. Just like the miracle of the cruse of oil VYB's low liquidity and low volume will burn value longer last longer VYB is going to have its own miracle. You'll see.

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I now join my brother and sister VYBians as we await the second coming of @calumam.