Contest: Which Movie Has Most Influenced Your Life?

Contest time! So far since I've joined steemit I haven't held a contest or written about movies. Today I am going to combine the two. I am going to hold a contest and let the rest of you write about movies.

From the time this is posted until friday july 20th 2018 @07:00:00 a.m. UTC I will be holding a contest. The prize is that I will sponsor the winner for @steembasicincome membership which gives the winner 1 share in the program. That's a 1.0 STEEM value. More information about @steembasicincome:

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Entry into the contest is simple. Just reply to this post and identify what movie has had the biggest influence on your life and why and/or how it has influenced your life. It can be any movie in any language from any genre or subgenre. The movie can be big studio or small independent.

Each reply entry for this contest should be honest and truthful. Everybody who enters is on the honor system. I will judge the winner based on their reply convincing me that the movie cited has truly influenced at least some aspect of their life. It can be something like how a movie has influenced how relationships with others are handled or how the movie was influential in a career choice.

The contest rules:

1. I know I am asking for trouble by allowing any movie to be cited. If the truthful reply being entered into the contest is a porno then please write the capital letters "NSFW" after the movie title and keep the reply clean and family friendly. Thank you.

2. Submit entries written in english. The movie cited can be in a foreign language but the contest is to describe how the movie being cited was influential in your life. If I have to use the internet to translate a reply then something is bound to get lost in translation.

3. Only good steemians should enter this contest. I reserve the right to go and review the past blog postings of anybody who enters this contest. If I see that someone is a spammer, scammer or plagiarist I reserve the right to inform that someone they are disqualified with a brief explanation and there will be no appeal of my decision to disqualify someone based on spam, scam or plagiarism.

4. Contest rule #3 still applies even if the movie cited in the reply entry was influential in deciding to becoming a scammer, spammer and/or plagiarist. You may be more clever than me but don't even try pulling that loophole.

5. Only a single movie can be cited. If a trilogy or entire franchise has been influential then narrow it down to one movie that has been the most influential on your life and just state something such as, "Out of all the (insert serial/franchise) the most influential on my life is..."

6. Only one entry per person and only one winner will be chosen. An additional sponsorship has been reserved for @transhuman since this contest idea I have was inspired by the Transhumanity playlist.

7. Any additional rules or editing of rules to clarify something can be made by me at any time during the contest as needed.

That should do it for now. The contest is now open for entries. Good luck!