Contest Results: Which Movie Has Most Influenced Your Life?

The contest results are in.

First, the last minute rule that was added: Rule #7 allowed me to add or edit any of the rules at any time during the contest for clarification purposes. In hindsight I now realize that a contest like this should have also had at least an additional second and third place slot. It's my fault due to my lack of experience. I added the rule about a second place award literally during the last minute of the contest to prevent someone from entering whose only motivation in entering would be to collect an easy winning share. The new last minute rule basically edited rule #6 so "...only one first place winner will be chosen.". I realize that I am probably falling back on a very liberal interpretation of the definition for "clarify" but it's my contest and I make the rules that I also get to judge. Call me a benevolent dictator if you want.

The newly created second place prize is 1.0 SBD shared equally among all the people who entered this contest and didn't get first place.

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To give some idea how I was judging this contest as a baseline here is how I would have answered this question posed by the contest:

The movie that has probably most influenced my life is The Blue Yonder. I am not 100% sure this was the first science fiction movie I ever watched but it has to be one of the very first. Seeing the time machine in that movie was incredible to my mind. As a child watching that movie it looked like a machine like that could actually work and if time travel was possible than anything could be possible. The Blue Yonder was my gateway into a lifelong fascination with science fiction. The movie also taught me that an ending doesn't have to be what you expect or want to happen to be a good ending.

The first place winner is @mrblueberry. I believe the reply by @mrblueberry was the best reply to the question "Which Movie Has Most Influenced Your Life?". I don't doubt the sincerity of anybody else's reply in this contest but the reply @mrblueberry posted best expressed in my opinion how a single movie resonated with him personally and influenced his overall life in a meaningful way. (I am assuming male gender based on the user name "mrblueberry". I apologize if this assumption is wrong).

@mrblueberry gets the first place prize. I have already sent the steem to sponsor @mrblueberry for @steembasicincome membership which gives @mrblueberry 1 share in the program. More information about @steembasicincome can be found at: As stated in rule #6 a sponsorship for @transhuman has also been included for inspiring the idea for this contest.

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Like stated above in hindsight I now see there should have also been a second and third place winner positions in this contest. If I ever run another contest on this blog I won't make that mistake again. Everybody who entered this contest did a good job replying and if I ever hold another contest I hope to see them all participate again.

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