Come on NBC! Seriously?

More than three weeks ago on this steemit account I posted a list of five reasons to be excited for Timeless' renewal. I was jumping the gun because NBC hadn't officially announced Timeless had been renewed but I was optimistic. I also wanted to be one of the first (as they say "publish or perish") to post a top number list of reasons why Timeless being renewed is a good thing.

I felt good after posting that. Season two had ended May 13 and I was confident that within days NBC would officially announce that Timeless was renewed for a third season.

Yeah. That was over three weeks ago. Season two of Timeless ended over a month ago and there is still no word on the renewal status. What's going on NBC? Did you see Adult Swim delay its Rick and Morty renewal announcement for season four and think, "Hey! We can beat that!"? Come on NBC! Say something definite!

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Update: Yeah. NBC canceled Timeless. I'll post on that later.

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