ChatGPT Now Has Shared Links Feature

Recently OpenAI announced an additional feature in ChatGPT which allows users to share conversations by generating unique URL links.

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As a Hive content creator I think this is fantastic. Considering the @hivewatchers rule for AI generated content "half the post should be original"; Hive content creators can now link to a ChatGPT conversation that is long and not have to worry about creating a huge post of screenshots and text for each screenshot. ChatGPT conversations can now be linked to like it's a website or article for reference.

For example, let's say I prompt ChatGPT to outline a ten chapter book and then with more prompts have ChatGPT generate text for each chapter. I can then make a post (in my own words of course) about the awesome book ChatGPT generated and link to the ChatGPT conversation with the prompts with generated outline and book.

Anyone reading my blog post review of the AI generated book can use the link in my blog post to go to the ChatGPT conversation and import it into their own chat history. Anyone with the shared link can also ask questions about what ChatGPT generated. If I had ChatGPT generate a fictional novella anyone using the link can ask why a character said something. If the AI written book is nonfiction ChatGPT can be asked for a better explanation about something brought up in the book.

There are downsides. ChatGPT is on a centralized website so the link could become defunct eventually. Currently there is no way to prevent someone from maliciously spamming the conversation. The only way to combat that is filling out the report form after it happens. Also you should be mindful of the link structure. The OpenAI ChatGPT link structure according to the FAQ is:<conversation-ID>

Any link that looks different or spoofed should be assumed malicious.

I look forward to using this new feature. I hope you'll want to collaborate in some ChatGPT conversations with me.