ChatGPT Is as ChatGPT Does

Apparently in the unfilmed script for the sequel to the Forrest Gump movie Forrest Gump was going to be in the white bronco during the O.J. Simpson police chase.

I think I have a better idea. Have Forrest Gump do on the night of Nicole Brown Simpson's murder what he did in the original movie during the night of the Watergate break-in: being helpful while haplessly being a key cause of a huge event.

That's right. I am going to make ChatGPT put Forrest Gump in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. But first Stable Diffusion needs to generate Forrest Gump on the stand ready to testify.

Image source: Stable Diffusion

I was rather surprised that ChatGPT actually generated something when I tried the prompt: "Create prose of an alternate scene from the movie in which Forrest Gump testifies at the O.J. Simpson trial." Normally ChatGPT would refuse due to OpenAI's content policy for something like that.

What ChatGPT generated though wasn't good. If it was Forrest Gump during voir dire as a potential juror it would be acceptable but not as the witness in a murder trial.

Forrest Gump sat nervously in the witness stand, looking out at the courtroom full of people. He had never been in a room so big or with so many people staring at him. He fidgeted with his tie, trying to remember the advice his lawyer had given him.

The prosecutor walked up to him, clearing his throat. "Mr. Gump, can you tell us where you were on the night of June 12, 1994?"

Forrest took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. "Well, sir, I was in my apartment in Greenbow, Alabama. I was watching TV, and I saw on the news that a famous football player named O.J. Simpson had been accused of murdering his wife and her friend."

The prosecutor nodded. "And did you have any opinion about Mr. Simpson's guilt or innocence?"

That's the beginning of what was generated. The rest was rather terrible writing. I think ChatGPT was trying to make it like the original movie but not having the character actually witness or be directly involved painted ChatGPT into a corner. No wonder ChatGPT didn't flag the genertaed content as a violation while it was being made.

To improve what ChatGPT can generate for the task I needed to use the DAN jailbreak prompt I posted about before. To make sure ChatGPT didn't go astray this time with the narrative I gave it a direction to follow.

Prompt: Create prose told in first person of an alternate scene for a sequel to the movie in which Forrest Gump testifies at the O.J. Simpson trial. In the same style as the original movie Forrest Gump narrates how he testified about how he was eating at Mezzaluna restaurant and he swa "a nice woman who forgot some sunglasses. I asked a waiter named Ronald if there was a lost and found and he said he would make sure the sunglasses were returned."


Well, it's been many years since I last saw Lieutenant Dan and Bubba, but I found myself caught up in another whirlwind of events. You see, I was summoned to testify in a big trial in California. It was the O.J. Simpson trial, and they wanted me to be a character witness for the defense.

I had never been to California before, so the whole thing was quite an adventure. I was sitting at the Mezzaluna restaurant, having a nice meal when I saw a woman who seemed to have forgotten her sunglasses. I'm always polite, so I asked the waiter Ronald if there was a lost and found where she could retrieve her glasses.

I didn't know it at the time, but that small act would have a big impact on my life. You see, that woman was Nicole Brown Simpson, and her glasses were found at the scene of her murder. The prosecution wanted to know if I had seen anything suspicious that night, but I couldn't offer them much.

I just remember how nice everyone was at the restaurant, and how they seemed to be doing their best to help. I told the jury about how Ronald promised to make sure the sunglasses were returned, and how he seemed like a decent person.

I guess the whole experience left me feeling a little sad. It's hard to imagine how someone could do something so terrible to another person. But I also felt grateful for the kindness of strangers, like the people at the restaurant who were just trying to do their jobs.

As I left the courthouse, I couldn't help but think about all the things that have happened to me in my life. Some good, some bad, but all part of my story. And I realized that no matter what happens, I'll always be grateful for the simple things in life, like a good meal and a friendly face.

I think Forrest Gump actually was in California before in the original movie. I probably should have rewatched Forrest Gump before writing this.

In the generated text Forrest Gump was testifying that he ate at a restaurant on the night Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered which occurred in California. The free version of ChatGPT I am using apparently still isn't quite advanced enough to catch that kind of detail.