ChatGPT Hive Community Created Using ChatGPT

I've noticed that Hive communities has a GPT Development community. While this may be good for @eco-alex's Splinterlands A.I. companion project (and possible future OpenAI plugins for the Hive blockchain platform) there doesn't seem to be a community for casual users of ChatGPT and people interested in the idea of GPT but who have more limited technical skills for development.

Since there isn't a plugin for ChatGPT-4 to automatically generate a Hive community I'll have to let ChatGPT assist me in creating a ChatGPT community on Hive through manually inputted prompts.

First, I want to establish that ChatGPT understands what I want to create.


Prompt: Do you know what communities are on the Hive blockchain? Describe the purpose of communities on the Hive blockchain platform.

Yes, I am familiar with the communities on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a decentralized blockchain platform that supports multiple communities or sub-communities, each with its own set of rules, moderators, and content creators. These communities are designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of content in specific topics or niches, and they are an essential feature of the Hive platform.

The purpose of communities on the Hive blockchain platform is to allow users to create and participate in focused discussions and content creation related to specific topics or interests. Each community has its own unique identity and culture, which is shaped by the moderators and content creators who participate in it. Communities can be focused on a broad range of topics, such as music, photography, sports, art, literature, technology, and much more.

Communities on the Hive blockchain are designed to be self-governing and decentralized, meaning that they are operated by the community members themselves, rather than by a central authority or corporation. This allows for a more democratic and transparent system, where users have greater control over the content they consume and the rules that govern their interactions with others.

In summary, the purpose of communities on the Hive blockchain is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and share their passion for a particular topic or interest. By doing so, they can create a vibrant and engaging ecosystem of content creators, consumers, and moderators, all working together to build a more diverse and decentralized social network.

ChatGPT seems to understand well enough. Now to start the task of creating a ChatGPT community:


Prompt: I want you as ChatGPT to help me create a community on the Hive blockchain platform for casual users of ChatGPT and anyone else interested in ChatGPT. I will provide you with the requirements for creating a community on Hive but you will generate the details to be filled in and generate any needed content. Can you help assist me?

Of course, I'd be happy to help you create a community on the Hive blockchain for ChatGPT users and enthusiasts! Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, you'll need to create a Hive account if you don't already have one. You can do this by visiting the Hive blockchain website and following the registration process.
  2. Once you have an account, you can create a community on the Hive blockchain by going to the Communities section of your profile and clicking on the "Create Community" button.
  3. When creating your community, you'll need to choose a name for it. For your community focused on ChatGPT, a good name might be "ChatGPT Community" or "ChatGPT Enthusiasts".
  4. You'll also need to choose a description for your community that explains what it's about and who it's for. Here's an example:
    "Welcome to the ChatGPT Community on Hive! This community is for casual users of ChatGPT and anyone else interested in the world of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Here, you can share your experiences with ChatGPT, ask questions, and connect with other ChatGPT enthusiasts."
    5 Next, you'll need to set some community rules that outline the behavior you expect from members. Here are some examples:
  • Be respectful to other members at all times.
  • No hate speech or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Keep all content related to ChatGPT and artificial intelligence.
    6 You can also choose to set some guidelines for the types of content you want to see in your community. For example, you might encourage members to share their experiences with ChatGPT, ask questions about the technology, or share news and updates related to the field of artificial intelligence.
    7 Finally, you'll need to decide who will be responsible for moderating your community and enforcing the rules. You can either do this yourself or invite other trusted members to become moderators.

Once your community is set up, you can start inviting members to join and participating in discussions yourself. Don't be afraid to share interesting articles, ask questions, and engage with other members to build a vibrant and active community!

Steps #1 and #2 are already done. I created my account several years ago.

I know from past experience that asking ChatGPT for its opinion without a jailbreak is as futile as resisting the Borg but for this task I might as well try.


Prompt: As ChatGPT which community name would you prefer if you were creating a ChatGPT on the Hive blockchain platform - "ChatGPT Community" or "ChatGPT Enthusiasts"?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences, but I can provide some suggestions based on what might work better for a community name.

Both "ChatGPT Community" and "ChatGPT Enthusiasts" could work well as a community name for a ChatGPT community on the Hive blockchain platform. However, "ChatGPT Community" might be a more inclusive and welcoming name, as it implies that anyone can join the community, whether they are casual users or dedicated enthusiasts of ChatGPT.

On the other hand, "ChatGPT Enthusiasts" may appeal more to those who are passionate about ChatGPT, and it could attract members who are more interested in in-depth discussions and technical aspects of the platform.

Ultimately, the choice of community name depends on the target audience and the purpose of the community. Both options could work well, and you could also consider other names that might be more specific or unique to your community's goals and interests.

Based on that counsel from ChatGPT "ChatGPT Enthusiasts" seems like the better choice.

Npw that I have a community name from ChatGPT I need a description for the community. The description in step #4 is 267 characters long. ChatGPT doesn't seem to know that the maximum description currently allowed for a description when creating a community on Hive is 120 characters or less.


Prompt: The community description for the ChatGPT community that explains what it's about and who it's for is too long. Generate a new community description that is 120 characters long or less.

Sure, here's another shorter community description that mentions ChatGPT:

"Join our ChatGPT community for discussions on Al, NLP, and more. Connect with ChatGPT users and enthusiasts on Hive."


Now I have the basic details to fill in and create the ChatGPT community after paying the roughly 3 HIVE token fee. I also have the keys now to the new @hive-109953 account that owns the ChatGPT Enthusiasts community.

Maybe saving and keeping the private keys for communities would be a problem for a ChatGPT-4 plugin that could automatically generate Hive communities. We'll leave that as a GPT Development community thing for them to figure out.

The secondary "about" description for the community that will appear on the right-hand side of the community page allows up to 1000 characters so I can use the text originally generated by ChatGPT in step #4 for creating a Hive community there.


Now I just need to have ChatGPT generate some community rules.


Fianlly I'll have ChatGPT generate a community introductory first post. I need to make sure in the prompt to instruct ChatGPT to start with the disclaimer that the new community is not affiliated with OpenAI. I also need to make sure when posting the AI generated first post to set payout to decline so that the community doesn't run afoul of @hivewatchers.


Now a brand new community exists on Hive about ChatGPT created mostly by ChatGPT.

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