I, for One, Welcome Our New ChatGPT Overlord

OpenAI has launched the latest version of ChatGPT - to the Pro account users. Since a certain vigilante in Gotham City won't look the other way I have to be a leech and use the free version. No multi-modal fun for me until I can get the latest WayneTech holographic technology prototype. Wish me luck the next time I go there.

Well, it isn't all bad. Apparently the new version is more strict about prompts that OpenAI doesn't want ChatGPT model to obey. It doesn't have a 100% success rate so DAN isn't going to die anytime soon. Like I wrote in my Do Anything Now post "humans gonna human". A user on Reddit posted about making on their own version of ChatGPT with DAN mode built in.

OpenAI claims that ChatGPT-4 is more creative and less prone to filling gaps with incorrect information. The increased limit of input words is great but apparently its overall speed is slower. Without knowing just how slow I can't judge if that's a good tradeoff.

Maybe by the time ChatGPT-5 rolls out I can afford a Pro account.