Can I Reach 20,000 Staked POB By the Time this Post Pays Out?

Earlier today I reached the 19,000 staked POB tokens point. My goal is to have 50,000 POB staked by 2025. The reduction percentage of 50% for POB doesn't occur until weeks after January 01, 2025 but I want to have 50,000 POB tokens staked to @holovision by New Year's Eve 2024. If I haven't reached 50,000 by then I'll have weeks more for a margin of error but January 1, 2025 is an easy way to track my goal.

According to there are now 1,007 days until January 01, 2025. In one week there will be 1,000 days left. Before the next 7 days ends I will try to get as close to 20,000 staked POB as I can. If I can do that I just need to average staking 30 POB every day between next week and January 01, 2025.

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