Can ChatGPT Create an Abundant Source of Energy?

YouTube recommended to me this video below from the Project Unity channel. It's an interesting ChatGPT experiment. The procedure in the AI chatbot conversation is clearly just allowing ChatGPT to hallucinate and I would be willing to bet money what ChatGPT outlined a design for would not work. The video is presented as not being a serious query to design a working prototype but rather just to show the potential for artificial intelligence.

I've had ChatGPT design a faux chronovisor but maybe I should have asked it to be a sentient AI and design a real working chronovisor. Then of course the Men in Black would have shown up. But then I would see them coming because chronovisor sees through time and I defeat the Men in Black using temporal technology but they should have even better suppressed temporal technology...

I digress. The device ChatGPT outlined seems to me not to violate any laws of physics. It taps into zero-point energy so it is an open system and not perpetual motion. The outlined device takes external energy to generate plasma so there would be a breakeven point of energy in/energy out. Whether the zero-point energy is usable energy is just an assumption and ChatGPT wasn't asked how much power the outlined device is supposed to output. It's assumed by the chatbot conversation to be enough to power a spaceship. Not knowing how a small prototype would scale up for power generation I guess it is also assumed that the zero-point energy device would fit inside a spaceship it is providing power for.

According to Wikipedia.) the International Space Station's eight solar panels combined generate 240 kilowatts of power in direct sunlight. That would be a good estimated goal for such a zero-point energy device.

Maybe artifibial intelligence will someday create a practical zero-point energy device to harness usable power. The Earth would finally obtain the status of a Kardashev Type I civilization. Or maybe it will end up being the filter that ends our civilization.

Source of image for meme: South Park