Call to Action - PLEASE DO NOT Support this DHF Proposal

I rarely make posts asking anyone who might care to take action but this is serious and I need as many people on Hive as possible to be aware of this situation. Please do me a favor and reblog this.

There is a really, really horrible proposal for DHF funding. It's not a lot but the DHF proposal funds are meant to add quality to the Hive blockchain. Not every proposal gets funded but it would be a tragedy if a single HBD that could go to a project that would have added quality to the Hive blockchain went instead to a project that lacks transparency and works to enrich the pockets of the one making the proposal.

The proposal I am referring to is by @lasseehlers. He claims that he can onboard new users onto the Hive blockchain. Normally that might be a good thing but the way this proposal is set up seems more like a scam if not simply a poorly thought out plan.

@lasseehlers claims it costs 16 HBD to onboard each new user. He won't disclose why or how it costs 16 HBD for each new onboarded user. @lasseehlers also claims in his proposal that he deserves to be compensated 4 HBD for each new user he onboards.

That makes it 20 HBD total @lasseehlers claims he needs to onboard each new Hive member. Why that much? How will he do it? We're just supposed to trust that it costs that amount. Will each new user be worth 16 HBD if they are a low quality user that plagiarizes or just posts once and then becomes inactive? @lasseehlers claims that doesn't matter. @lasseehlers' proposal is only about quantity and any possible quality added to Hive be damned.


  • There will be no refunds for low quality users that just post once and then go inactive.

  • There will be no refunds for low quality users that post 100% AI generated content.

  • There will be no refunds for low quality users that plagiarize content from websites.

  • There will be no refunds for low quality users that shitpost until they have negative reputation scores.

And so on but in each of those failures according to @lasseehlers' own proposal he gets to pocket 4 HBD for each onboard. Whether success or failure @lasseehlers gets 4 HBD each time so there is no incentive for @lasseehlers to only bring users that will post original content and remain long term.

I used a certain analogy in a reply to @lasseehlers already so please excuse me plagiarizing myself here but I think this analogy helps to demonstrate how wrong the proposal's emphasis on quantity rather than quality is: @lasseehlers bragging about onboarding users on to Hive is like @lasseehlers bragging to his boss at McDonalds that he has exceeded his hamburger quota as customers are curled up on the floor vomiting. After @lasseehlers is told that he is fired he rants about how he was the only one smart enough to figure out that shitting on the kitchen floor and not washing his hands saves massive amounts of time and makes him more productive then the other employees "wasting time in the restroom during their breaks".

How do we know if each new user is a "real" user? @lasseehlers claimed earlier today to have onboarded "professional blogger" @majidhussain007. The problem with that is, as of this writing, @majidhussain007 has only made one post which was shilling for @lasseehlers' own token LasseCash and that post turned out to have been AI generated.


Personally based on my own abductive reasoning I believe it is more likely than not that @lasseehlers created the @majidhussain007 account as a sockpuppet to boost the number of onboarded users he could claim. Maybe some or all of the other onboarded users are sockpuppet accounts. I suspect that is the case but I can't definatively prove it.

Even If I am wrong the @majidhussain007 onboarding should cause a blow to @lasseehlers' credibility. @lasseehlers is the only one who knows for sure who controls the @majidhussain007 account since he claims to have onboarded @majidhussain007. When there is no incentive to verify the quality of new "real" users and @lasseehlers gets 4 HBD for each new onboarded @majidhussain007 under his proposal then how many more @majidhussain007 will there be wasting the HBD @lasseehlers wants for his DHF proposal?

@lasseehlers currently has a reputation score of -12 on Hive. His proposal post is hidden and has to be manually clicked on to view. Can we trust that @lasseehlers won't abuse the system he proposes to get DHF funding for? What recourse would anyone have if @lasseehlers just started creating fake accounts and pocketing 20 HBD for each new fake account he created on Hive?

How would we even know for certain whether or not that was happening?

Fundamentally this gets down to why I think @lasseehlers' proposal is so horrible. It would set a terrible precedent. The DHF proposal system should be for adding quality to the Hive blockchain and have results that can be more objectively judged. @lasseehlers' proposal isn't that. It lacks transparency and insists on nothing more than trust. So what's to stop me from making a DHF proposal for 20,000 HBD so I could start onboarding members? My reputation score on Hive is currently above 71. If I made such a proposal post it wouldn't be hidden. Does that entitle me to your trust? It shouldn't and I'd hope you wouldn't just take my word that I was onboarding new users by the truckload.

Please, DO NOT give any support to @lasseehlers's most recent DHF proposal the way it is currently structured. It has too many flaws and red flags.