Buying More HUSTLER and WEED Tokens

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Earlier today I saw that over 30,000 HUSTLER tokens were listed at a relatively low price so I snatched them up.

I placed a buy order of 32,000 HUSTLER at the 0.00006 SWAP.HIVE price. I immediately got 30,433.801521 HUSTLER. After playing the waiting game for a few hours the rest of my buy order was filled. I then transferred all of the HUSTLER tokens to my @holovision.list account for staking.

While I was at it I also got 725 WEED tokens for 0.013 SWAP.HIVE each. I staked 305 WEED to my @holovision.hypno account. I am setting 420 WEED tokens aside to stake on April 20th. The price of WEED might be higher next month so I figure that it might be better to lock in the 420 WEED at a possibly lower price now.

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