Buying a @steampunkkaja Blueprint

Note: This is an unsolicited post. The following are my own observations and opinions.


Around three weeks ago @steampunkkaja made a post about possibly selling blueprints of wargaming models as virtual products. A few days later a follow up post announced that some blueprints were available and that Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) is a payment option.

It took a little while for me to scrape together over 2 HBD with my meager blog post earnings but last night I had saved enough and was finally able to purchase one of the blueprints.

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I chose the isometric view drawing of a model Soviet Kliment Voroshilov experimental tank. It's a little something to add to my collection of technical papers. I have some electronic schematics of third generation computers, officially licensed Star Trek blueprints of the USS Enterprise-D and some declassified atomic bomb blueprints from the National Atomic Testing Museum. It's a hobby.

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Maybe slightly confusing to someone buying a blueprint from might be adding the item to the cart and wanting to pay with Hive cryptocurrency. The price is $2 USD and it only shows the HBD price further along the checkout process.

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Once I was finishing my order the pending payment was processed quickly and I received the .pdf file in my e-mail promptly. I found the ordering process to be straightforward and understandable.

The lighting wasn't ideal for the photo below I took of a printed hardcopy of the drawing I ordered but the quality is just as good as it is of the .pdf on a computer screen. The low lighting is probably for the best since it's better for anyone interested in this kind of thing to buy their own copy and see it for themselves.

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