Burning GEEK Tokens

As I posted around 5 months ago I will be getting ready to close the @geektoken project in a few hours and all remaining GEEK tokens not disbursed for content reward will be sent to @null for burning. Any GEEK tokens that remain will be the only GEEK tokens available. It was a nice experiment but it will soon be over just like the year 2019. It's time to move on to other projects and start the 2020 decade fresh.

As agreed each @geektoken team member is allowed to keep the one time payment of 1 million GEEK tokens for their work. The team members were @qwerrie, @qam2112, @stevenmosoes, @ilnegro, @elbiasto, @bucipuci, @samest and @i0x. Any of the additional 5 million GEEK tokens each team member received to reward content that is left over should also be sent by the team members to @null for burning to help increase the scarcity of the GEEK token..

I will keep the keys to the @geektoken account but as of January 01, 2020 the project will be closed. Thank you all for your support.