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The steemit account @buildawhale offers promotional services. Steem users can bid for an upvote of a blog post and possible inclusion of the promoted blog post in the @buildawhale curation digest.

The goal of @buildawhale is to promote quality content produced by the steem community. The promoted content gives the content creators exposure and possibly additional followers. As a deterrent against behavior such as spam and plagiarism @buildawhale maintains a proprietary blacklist of offending steemit accounts.

@buildawhale and the related content flagging bot @badcontent are managed by @themarkymark. Some might consider @buildawhale controversial because many who have been placed on the @buildawhale blacklist claim they were unjustly placed on the blacklist without a chance to explain themselves or appeal the decision. Based on what I have seen almost all the people who claim to have been falsely placed on the @buildawhale blacklist are in error and are guilty even if a different standard were applied such as the @minnowbooster terms of service. I've written more on this subject in my steemit blog post "@badcontent Isn't a 'Spambot' - So What is It?"

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