Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

A man was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife and put on trial.

The prosecutor had a strong case against the defendant but the police couldn't find the corpse. The defense lawyer believed he could use the absence of the dead body to help him win the case.

After the prosecutor presented the state's case it was the defense's turn.

"Ladies and gentleman of the jury. The prosecutor has a lot of speculation but no dead body. That's because the woman my client was alleged to have killed is still alive and will walk through those doors into this very courtroom in about one minute."

All eyes in the jury box were focused on the entrance of the courtroom. A minute passed. Another minute passed. Then another one.

The prosecutor finally said, "She didn't walk in."

"But the fact that every juror was staring at the doors expectantly proves that there is reasonable doubt."

The jury was sent to the jury room to deliberate and after two minutes returned with a guilty verdict.

After the judge sentenced the defendant and people began leaving the courtroom the defense lawyer ran to the jury foreman demanding to know how they could have found his client guilty so quickly after clearly having shown a bare minimum of doubt.

"Yes, sir. We were all looking at the doors expecting the victim to appear but your client wasn't."