PSA: Beware of the Slow Burn Sloth!

I can't help but worry that one of these days an image of a humanoid in a sloth costume will be posted on and doom 40% of the users. It won't be me posting that image ... probably. The good news is that so far the image hasn't been known to have ever been posted on the internet and the SCP Foundation uses Webcrawler A03G32 to monitor the appearance of such an image.

I am getting ahead of myself though. This is to warn the community about SCP-2774-A. SCP-2774-A is a memetic hazard image of an unknown humanoid entity wearing a sloth costume. Being memetic the anomaly can spread easily with little chance of containment.

According to the SCP-2774 file:

SCP-2774-A manifests itself in various forms of non-live media, including movies, television, magazines, and in some cases personally recorded videos or pictures. SCP-2774-A is typically located in the background of whatever media it appears in...

If you do see the SCP-2774-A image there is a 40% chance you'll become the equivalent of a zombie subservient to the SCP-2774 anomaly with only a brief period each day of lucidity. The rest of the time you'll be unable to have control of your own body but be consciously aware of what is happening. The only escape is getting killed.

Having a 40% chance of being affected is at least a fighting chance. Having red-green color blindness effectively makes own immune to the effect.

For more information watch the video below which also covers the 2010 Harper Ridge incident.