Batman Hall of Shame

For this week's #SuperheroSlanderSaturday instead of making a short 280 character post on I am going to try something a little different. This week rather than point out a superhero's foible I've curated various videos others have made specifically about Batman.

This has nothing to do with Batman calling me a "low level supervillain" last week. This is totally unrelated.

Batman is Terrible at Keeping His Identity Secret

Batman protecting his secret identity is barely any better than Clark Kent taking off his glasses to become Superman. Too many people have deduced who Batman is.

Batman is Insane

Several of the videos in the other categories could have also fallen under this heading.

Batman is a Criminal

Batman is a vigilante. Rather than seek therapy Bruce Wayne cosplays every night playing cops and robbers.

Batman is too Commercial

Look at all the toys that billionaire plays with. Is he ever going to share that technology with actual law enforcement who could use it? No. Batman is in it for his own gratification. But the crime fighting hobby ain't cheap.

Batman is a Jerk

Do I really need to explain this one? I think we can all agree on this if we're honest.

Batman Could be Better at his Job

Gotham City never seems to get better. Batman would be better at running for a political office and every time another re-election comes up Batman could blame his political rivals for opposing the changes Batman keeps promising.