Batman Bought Twitter Therefore I am Still Suspended

Awhile back I used to microblog on Twitter until my account was permanently suspended. My last tweets before getting banned was a thread about what I consider the questionable relationship between Batman and his youthful sidekick Robin. I am certain what I posted didn't rise to the level of anything libelous. It was more of a strawman argument ending with a leading question. The "riddle me this" open query to the community contained the word "groomer" and I suppose that's what got me suspended by some pink haired moderator at Twitter HQ.

The Babylon Bee and Trump may be returning back to Twitter after being suspended but I am afraid I won't be joining them. Long have I suspected that Elon Musk is behind the Dark Knight cowl. It makes too much sense. Batman has more military grade tech than the Pepsi Navy. That stuff isn't cheap. Batman must be both rich and have an engineer's intellect. That whole "I bought Twitter because of humanity" schtik sounds like the kind of tripe that Batman would say. Elon Musk having so many kids is just Batman breeding the next generation of Robin. Do you have any idea how many Robins have died? More than the number of times I have been through the revolving door of Arkham Asylum due to my hologram-themed schemes. I can guarantee that.

There has been speculation in the technology news that the "X app" is just a placeholder name for what Musk will really name his omnibus app in the future to compete against WeChat. I won't be surprised if whatever the X app is christened it will have a bat- prefix and be something stupid like BatSocial. It wll be on every smartphone and God help us all.