Back to the Future Apocrypha: Marty McFly First Met Doc Brown While Trying to Rob Him

This is not clickbait. This story is from the Back to the Future comics so the canonicity is questionable. For headcanon and filling in some of the details from the lives of the characters it is good.

It isn't made clear if this is in the "original" timeline before Marty goes back in time or if from Doc Brown's perspective he has already met Marty in 1955. I suspect it's the former. Since this meeting was never recorded by a JVC GR-C1 even if Doc was already aware that eventually he'd be meeting Marty Doc Brown wouldn't have had a kind of script to act from to keep causality intact so this may not even be how the "original" meeting played out.

Anyway, as the video adaption of the comics shows Needles bullied Marty McFly over an interocitor tube. Marty had to get a new one but apparently there is only one store in Hill Valley that sells them and Marty learns that someone had done a Standard Oil and monopolized all the interocitor tubes.

Fortunately this is the early 1980s so the guy at the store doesn't have a problem doxxing the mail order monopolist. Marty learns that the local mad scientist had the widget that would save Marty from further bullying.

Marty thinks it's cool that this will give him a chance to meet the local mad scientist. That is until Doc Brown's DIY Brinks security system tries to get in the way. Marty then switches to heist mode. Marty is confronted by Doc Brown and it seems the burglary has turned to robbery. But Doc Brown is fine with what happened because it gave Doc Brown a chance to do some old fashion Stanley Milgram psychology experimentation. After Marty learns that he had been a participant in a psychology experiment without giving informed consent Doc Brown quickly offers Marty a part-time job with a vague job description.