Augmented Reality: Doctor Who TARDIS

While watching the latest Doctor Who Episode "Spyfall Part 1" on BBC America a promo came on the screen with a QR code:

Which takes the user to an official BBC America page:

After clicking the "Open in Facebook" option I was prompted to open Facebook Camera:

Once Facebook Camera opened on my phone I could begin putting a virtual 3D TARDIS anywhere in the camera's field of vision.

Precise tapping on the screen to place the virtual 3D TARDIS exactly how it should look will take a little practice. The TARDIS needs to be scaled to a realistic width and height. Some a.i. assistance in the camera app wouldn't hurt.

I'm not weird. I am just a guy taking pictures of your cars at a red light. You people are the ones next to an alien space-time vehicle acting like that's normal. Clearly I'm the most sane one in this situation.