Augmented Reality Chess - 3D Rendered Game

Augmented Reality Chess

3D Rendered Game



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Hunter's comment

Time for another hunt involving the game of chess. Of course this product is also open source which is my preferred type of hunt.

Note: This is currently only available for Microsoft Windows. This AR game uses ARToolKit and the Stockfish chess engine (i know from comments to previous chess hunts that Stockfish is well-regarded) to make this virtual chesss board come to life. Two humans can play against each other or a user can play against computer. If a user just wants to watch a chess game computer versus computer mode is also available. Just print out the markers (board.pdf and selector.pdf) and set up the software for hours of fun.

Since it's open source changes can be made using Visual Studio. For example, the yellow timer can be swapped for a more traditional looking red 7-segment LED display.


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