Armed Theft

Note: I am guessing mostly fans of legal humor will appreciate this joke. Most others will probably think of this as an "uncle joke". I like jokes about lawyers and I am also certified as an assistive technology specialist so this joke works on at least two different levels for me.


A lawyer was defending a man accused of housebreaking and said to the court, "Your Honor, I submit that my client did not break into the house at all. He found the parlor window open and merely inserted his right arm and removed a few trifling articles. My client's arm is not himself and I fail to see how you can punish an individual for a crime committed by one of his limbs."

The Judge considered this argument for several minutes and then declared: "That argument is very well put. Following it logically, I sentence the defendant's arm to one years imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses.

The defendant smiled, stood up and his lawyer helped him unscrew his clients cork arm, and, leaving it with the Judge and walked out.