Are Your Blog Posts Getting BLOG Tokens?

A recent post by @mvl2304 reminded me that I needed to begin experimenting with the vote multiplier tool on LEO DEX. While looking at the list of tokens I noticed there are a few tokens that can be staked that I have zero amount of. Those could possibly be tokens worth investing in. One was DBLOG which I don't see even being listed on A similar token was BLOG issued by @blogtoken.

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I purchased a small amount of BLOG and created two open orders for more. It seems though that currently whatever sellers there are will only sell BLOG at around 0.01 HIVE when the highest current buy offer is 0.00050 HIVE.

There doesn't seem to be much of a community yet built around the BLOG token. @blogtoken only has one very short post from October 2020 and really doesn't seem to have made much effort in promotion. This is a shame since the #blogtoken tag can be used for such things as @dbuzz posts or @actifit report cards.

Using the Hive Engine tokens richlist link @doze covered in a recent post I see that I am one of only 25 users that have any BLOG tokens. The small amount I currently now have staked gives me around a 0.3 BLOG vote value on From what I can determine there are four other users besides myself who actively use the #blogtoken tag at the time of this posting: @botefarm, @jersteemit, @ibkdagreat and @hive09.

Despite around 1/6 of token holders being currently active I personally feel that there is promising potential for BLOG. Out of the total amount of one billion BLOG tokens that can ever exist only 5.137 million are currently in circulation and at the time of this writing the token has been around for roughly 100 days. It's still early in the game for adopters like myself to join. Personally for now I won't put much more of my HIVE toward buying more BLOG. I'll stake my 50% from each time I vote for a post that uses the #blogtoken tag to increase my vote value. My present rewards aren't much but payouts occur after 24 hours so I can build up faster than I could with most other Hive Engine tokens that have a longer payout window.