Another Crazy Election Day in California Today

California is not socialist. Well, not socialist in a similar sense to Pluto not being a planet. There are only six "qualified" political parties in California

  • American Independent Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Green Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Peace and Freedom
  • Republican Party

So the Socialist Party USA has to rely on the California State Assembly for political representation and that actually works out pretty well for them. So, today is election day in the People's Republic of California.

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I am not a socialist. I am also not a member of any of the qualified California political parties. On the voter registration application there is a line to declare a party. I wrote my political party on that line. However, in California that is like checking the"No, I don't want to register with a political party" box on the voter registration application form. Unless enough people write the same political party on that line like I did the state of California doesn't count it and labels people like myself "decline to state" on voter records. Even if I change to another party unless it's one of the official six parties there's no point in telling anyone as far as California is concerned because "decline to state" pretty much covers everything not dealing with the six officially recognized state political parties.

At least I am not treated differently when voting for my city's mayor. Our current mayor Pat Furey is running against Ron Riggs and Tom Brewer. I already voted by mail two weeks ago and I honestly can't remember which of them I voted for nor do I honestly care who will win the election today and be the mayor of the city I live in.

Of special note to all the steemians out there might be the California state governor race. One of the candidates is a democratic nominee who is AND I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS TRUE named Thomas Jefferson Cares. Just remember that any oddball name can be listed on a California ballot when you are voting for Holovision sometime in the 2030s. Thomas Jefferson Cares is listed in the election material as a blockchain startup CEO. Why do I have this feeling his birthname wasn't Thomas Jefferson Cares and was coincidentally legally changed after his last position at a blockchain startup?

No matter what happens in today's California election for governor I think the candidate who will be best off after today will be Shubham Goel listed as a "Virtual Reality Manager" in the election material. No matter what happens today Goel can crawl into some VR lab somewhere and create a virtual California where Goel won. If Shubham Goel invited me into that virtual California I wouldn't say no. The election material lists Goel as having no party preference so we already have that in common.

If I wake up tomorrow and our new governor is named Thomas Jefferson Cares I am going to assume we are already in a glitchy simulation.

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