ANIME Token Update

At the end of July I had paid 100 ENG to create the ANIME token on Basically I was reserving that token symbol so nobody else could use it until I was ready. Turns out that was a good decision because at the beginning of this month someone else had a similar idea of creating an anime tribe but had to create MANGA token instead. Great minds think alike, publish or perish, ect. Anyway, this post is to update about the ANIME token.

The original plan was to airdrop some ANIME tokens at the beginning of September. I've held off on that until around the time I'll initialize scotbot and enable staking for ANIME. That will be around January 2020. Nothing significant will be done with the ANIME token until then. I have an important college class I need to pass that will take up most of my time in October and November. After that I'll have the time to start the anime tribe.


To initialize scotbot and enable token staking costs 2000 ENG tokens. (What calls "The Cheapskate" plan). Right now @animetoken has a little over 850 ENG. I currently have more than 31,000 HUNT tokens I can sell off when it comes time to set up the anime tribe. I am also selling some of my .eth ENS addresses on That should all raise the 1150 ENG needed. I'll also assume at least an additional 200 staked ENG is needed to cover the inflation pools to begin and I should have that amount also by January. 

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More updates for the ANIME token will come out around December. Then, the tournament arc between the ANIME and MANGA tokens will begin...