An Open Letter to @merlin7

Greetings @merlin7. I saw your memo in my wallet requesting that I follow you. You haven't made any posts that I can reply to yet so I am trying to communicate with you this way. You may feel free to reply to this post if you wish.

Normally I would be more than happy to follow any new steemians who politely ask as you did. However, when I looked at your blog I got a really bad vibe from it. I could be completely wrong but that is the honest impression I got.

Your memo message said I am "awesome". Thank you for the compliment but from your public wallet you are expressing the exact same message to lots of other steemians which rather dilutes the honor I should be feeling when someone refers to me as "awesome".

Right now I am getting a feeling I can't quite put my finger on that your blog has an ulterior motive. I hope you prove me wrong and this will end up being the most foolish post I ever make on this blog. For right now my discernment tells me I should stand back and observe before I decide whether or not to follow you. I hope you understand.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.