Pausing at 15,000 Staked POB

I did it! I now have 15,000 POB tokens staked to my @holovision account. I wanted to reach that goal by the end of 2021 and I had time to spare.

So .... Now I pause the staking.

I'll keep it at 15,000 POB staked. I will still create content and curate for Proof of Brain tokens but I won't be staking them.

For the year 2022 I want to focus on investing. Looking at I can see that more than half of what my @holovision account is worth is POB. I want to start selling some POB and have more diversity in other tokens I am hodling.

I am sure I pressed my luck a few months ago selling off a lot of POB to fund @memehive. The POB price dropped and I was able to buy all the POB back. I won't take that risk again. I feel comfortable staying at 15,000 staked POB for a brief amount of time while I use my POB rewards to help me fund another opportunity or two.

I plan to sell off my upcoming POB at most for the duration of my next 7 HIVE power downs. In two months or less I'll be back to staking POB. If I can while I am at it I'll try to put aside 1000 POB so I can start minting NFTs on

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