Overthinking a Christmas Song

In the Waitresses' Song "Christmas Wrapping" is the line "Most of '81 passed along those lines". The song was released in 1981. Usually Christmas songs don't have a date or location that can be attributed to them. Well, other than some songs about the birth of Jesus. The location is explicit but really many scholars argue about the exact date.

"White Christmas" by Irving Berlin sets the location as Beverly Hills, L.A.

I guess even though the "Christmas Wrapping" song is 40 years old it's not too anachronistic. The "This time his car wouldn't go" and "To the only all-night grocery" lines are problems solved nowadays by rideshare and food delivery apps respectively.

Maybe in 2081 "the world's smallest turkey" will be provided by a 3D food printer rather than an A&P grocery store.

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