SCP-399: Power Bling

I really like the SCP-399 item the SCP Orientation YouTube channel recently covered. Of course the SCP Foundation would become aware of such an item after someone would try the "bars of lead into gold" cliché. Also, whoever that was should have tried for platinum bars instead obviously but Darwin stepped in and the previous owner died before the person could do a Gollum parody for the SCP agents.

The wiki entry and video states that the ring is inert when not worn and should not be stored in proximity of any "free energy" or "perpetual motion" device. SCP-399 doesn't seem to store energy so I guess this is a safety thing in case someone unwittingly puts the ring on. Maybe in case someone were to get the ring and use it to break containment?

Experiments 399-3 and 399-4 had the ink of a book manipulated so the book had French print rather than English. I wonder if bits on a digital storage device could also be changed similarly by SCP-399. Change some zeroes into ones. Who needs bars of a chemical element when a bank's computer network says you have millions of dollars?

The content of the SCP-399 wiki entry are under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 License so when you want your fiction to have a DC Comics power ring but don't want to be sued utilize SCP-399 as your deus ex machina. Bonus: unlike those DC Comics power rings SCP-399 doesn't require a silly rhyming oath.

That's the power of knowing.

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