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According to an SCP animation posted on the Riseo YouTube channel it's Pizza Day at the SCP foundation. The pizza is so good SCP-999 and SCP-682 broke containment to get some of those yummy slices.

The pizza itself wasn't anomalous. If you want some out of the ordinary food here are a few things to try (or try to avoid).

SCP-261 - With some Japanese coins you can get something random to snack on from another Universe.

SCP-490 (and SCP-1386) - A one star reviewed ice cream truck. You don't want anything to do with it.

SCP-348 - Self-filling soup bowl. More recommendable for young children. Great soup if you are sick.

SCP-377 - Remember that episode of The Simpsons when Homer got a job writing the messages in fortune cookies? These are even more accurate. Maybe you too will also find the love of your life on flag day. It could also predict with 100% accuracy you'll die a violent death after leaving the break room.

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