Hitchhiker's Guide to the SCP Galaxy

Planet Fuhgeddaboudit

Have you ever heard of "Planet Nine"? That's SCP-4774. SCP-4774 is a hypothetical anomalous object. It's kind of like the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment and the SCP Foundation is determined to maintain the status quo of SCP-4774 uncertain existence.

This is important so grab youe compass from high school geometry. One Astronomical Unit (AU) is the average distance between the planet Earth and the Sun. Pluto (which isn't a planet) is less than 50 AU from the Sun. SCP-4774, if it exists, is estimated to be around 700 AU from the Sun. Dire consequences for any humans that get within 50 AU of SCP-4774. I am looking at you Elon Musk. Be happy with the other 650 AU and don't be greedy.

Earth's Evil Twin

Don't Get bugged by this planet. Many think of the planet Venus as Earth's "evil twin". That's because most people don't know about SCP-3003. As long as you overlook the hive mind population of SCP-3003-3 it's comparable to Earth. On the plus side it's either a Kardashev scale Type I civilization or close to it. SCP-3003-3 has no concept of the Prime Directive so they are eager to influence and share.

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