Some Brewtal Thoughts About SCP-294

Here's a video from the SCP Exposed - Foundation Tales Animated YouTube channel about what is essentially a Star Trek replicator for liquids.

SCP stands for "Secure, Contain and Protect". Therefore something that can create a poison that looks like a drink should be secured and contained in a 2nd floor personnel break room. The "protect" is presumably two guards standing next to the machine. If you are security clearance level 2 or higher and you want 12 oz. of poison for reasons just tell the guards it's for a Class-D.

There were 97 initial test runs and the wiki entry for SCP-294 only lists a handful of them.

I believe SCP-294 is both sentient and sapient. I think "OUT OF RANGE" error message is more often then not just the machine refusing a bad or faulty request without having to give more of an explanation. A cup of anti-water" isn't "OUT OF RANGE" but rather "ANTI-HYDROGEN AND ANTI-OXYGEN ATOMS OR ANY OTHER ANTIMATTER COMING IN CONTACT WITH A PAPER CUP IS JUST A STUPID IDEA".

I guess it really pays to be a security clearance level 2 or higher. $0.50 USD for a cup of molten gold, silver or other precious metal. Maybe if I type in "a cup of bitcoin" SCP-294 dispenses a cup with the wallet keys for Satoshi Nakamoto printed on it, I can dream.

Testing the range of the machine shouldn't be so hard. Liquid water should be abundant in the Universe. Just type in "a cup of water from (insert galaxy name or designation). Keep checking off galaxies further and further away.

What I would like to try is "a cup of fractal". Would SCP-294 be super clever with densities of several liquids to make a liquid fractal? Would it print SCP-259 on the paper cup?

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