A Day in the Knife of SCP-4955

O.K. I am going to get back to posting reviews of Isaac Arthur's YouTube videos in November. Since it's around Halloween time I am going to make some actifit reports about SCP files.

I've made two critical posts about videos from the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel within roughly the last two weeks so here is a post about a video I feel they did a good job with.

After watching the video below if you are interested you can read about SCP-4955 from the SCP Foundation file. It is not really necessary though because this video is very faithful to the wiki entry for SCP-4955.

What I believe this animated video did well is that when it expanded the lore behind the object it preserved the anomalous mystery. Being an animation the knife reminded me of Michigan J. Frog doing vaudeville performances only when that one hapless guy in the cartoon was alone. That's the way my mind works so that's not their fault.

For my speculation I don't think SCP-4955 is an antimeme. The wiki entry just like the video point out that the antimeme machine didn't detect the knife as an antimeme. Both the wiki entry and the video point out that mnestic doesn't allow others to remember like it should if SCP-4955 were an antimeme.

Both the video and the wiki entry point out that Junior Researcher Harris kept going with the hypothesis that SCP-4955 must be an antimeme. That's an obvious bias. Probably because if Harris went where the facts lead him he'd have to evaluate whether he was the anomaly. Just like SCP-1504 it's probably a perception issue.

Think about it this way: My keyboard isn't an antimeme. At least I don't think it is. I used my keyboard to type a reply in the latest post in the SCP Foundation Hive community two weeks ago about the Discord link in the post being invalid and probably expired. @scp-hive hasn't replied back yet. Neither has O5 Council Member @sargoon. That doesn't mean that since my reply can't be seen I should go around cracking skulls with my keyboard. Of course not. I am a sane and rational person (somewhat) so I should do the civilized thing. I will start the Are We Cool Yet? Hive community and start creating anomalous art with my 3D printer.

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