An SCP YouTube Video Alienated Me Today

I know that I already criticized a video from the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel two weeks ago but I need to do it again with the video they posted today. The SCP Foundation is Creative Commons and they can adapt the material however they want but it's a kind of art and when I see a problem I point it out as criticism.

For the most part the video was fine. The moment in the video when William looked out the window and saw Earth's moon is when I was no longer willing to suspend disbelief. It ruined the story for me and made the characters look like idiots. I can't believe during that whole time they hadn't noticed the Earth was still relatively close by. Even with Earth behind them stellar parallax of alpha centauri would be a thing for them. William built a spaceship from a microbus but missed that? Huh?

I would have preferred a huge accident trapping them in space. They couldn't go back to Earth but they can't get to the escape velocity of the solar system either. If that YouTube channel really wanted to make the characters look like idiots then get the point across that this maiden voyage was done without any prior experimentation. Making animation like "Oh, wow! They are traveling through deep space. Guess what? It's all in their minds!" makes it seem like a cheap twist that is unearned.

You SCP Explained YouTube maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!

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